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Why Dr. David Samore?

Choose an expert who's earned it.

Choose a motivational speaker known for making a long-lasting impact: Dr. David SamoreWith a lifetime of helping and inspiring others, his unique appeal to all audiences combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm make him perfect for any audience profile: inner city, suburban, private enterprise and public servants. David offers special hope to those who have given up on themselves or lost their way.

David Samore & Associates will help your people unleash their potential, paving the way to both personal and professional success. Get in touch to learn more!


Strong Performance

A Lifetime of Making It Happen

Senior leaders have called David Samore "Midas" because of his record of turning inspirational dreams into gold. Here are some career highlights:

  • Led public International Baccalaureate (IB) high school  twice to Top Ten in North America.

  • Led public school recognized twice as top dual language school in North America

  • 8th grade students in Top 1% in U.S. with college-level exams

  • Top school in U.S. on international bilingual exam

  • In only three months, created the most successful magnet school in 10th largest school district in U.S. 

Some Honors

  • Recognized by King Felipe VI of Spain, awarded the Officer's Cross of the Order of Isabel la Católica 2021

  • Florida Principal of the Year 2015

  • Florida Commissioner's Leadership Academy 2016

  • Florida Principal of the Year (FSCA) 2008


Languages Spoken

  • English & Spanish - Native

  • French & Italian - Fluent

  • German & Portuguese - Conversant


Leadership Training & Coaching

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Since most keynote speakers and group training experts don't sweat the up-front hard work to know and understand their audience's pain points, their impact is short-lived. Not with Dr. David Samore - who is guaranteed to energize your audience!


Dr. Samore has always been a leader who tirelessly stays current, rolls up his sleeves and works alongside your team. "Boring" or "stale"? Never with Dr. David Samore.

Each of Dr. Samore's keynotes or trainings are unique and tailored to your cultures, your challenges, and your triumphs. Front-end preparation, exuberant execution and nailing the target: David Samore never misses the mark and will always stick the landing for you. 

Extra! Extra! Truth Stranger Than Fiction
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Dual Language Immersion Expertise

There is a path to dual language success and Dr. Samore can show you the way.

Years ago, David Samore was the first dual language immersion teacher in Palm Beach County, Florida, and the first one to organize a student-to-student exchange with another country. The principal of one of the most decorated dual language immersion schools in North America, he has test results and international awards to support that claim. 

Dr. Samore will analyze and discover your growth opportunities and obstacles to success which can be mitigated and overcome. A positive, energetic, hopeful, and energizing experience awaits!